For the Love of Marketing – Local Brands We Have a Crush On

Photo by Adam Jang on Unsplash   Photo by Markus Winkler on Unsplash 


February is the month of love, and we’re crushing on a few local brands who we think have some super-hot marketing strategies.  

Photo by Brett Jordan on Unsplash 

Nandos is the epitome of a savvy marketing strategy, and this local brand delivers cheeky, hilarious content across all their public marketing platforms. We love their brand consistency and their commitment to keeping up with current affairs. They keep an eye on what is trending and come up with creative ways to tie this in with their brand identity. This makes them quirky and relatable. It is so important to identify a solid brand identity and keep it consistent throughout all your public platforms from your social media content to print and TV ad campaigns. The way your customers perceive you can make our break your company, which is why brand management and identity should get plenty of focus in your marketing strategy. This is one of the key services we at The Brand Collective strive to deliver for our clients. 


Having a recognisable logo is a crucial part of brandingand the difference between a brand standing out or fading away into the background of an overly saturated marketing landscape. A brand’s logo needs to be simple, unique and eye catching, and able to be recognised without the brand name being present. Your marketing and design team need to work hard in order to achieve this. That’s why we love South Africa’s clothing and lifestyle brand, Mr Price. Known for their competitive prices and wide range of products from casual wear to bedding, kitchenware and decorative items, Mr Price are instantly identified by their red cap logo. 

The way you present your brand to the public says a lot about your business. Our graphic designers work with our marketing strategists to ensure your company branding is sending the right message and that its visuals attract plenty of attention. From logo creation and vehicle branding to company stationery (such as letterheads) and packaging, we can brand almost anything.   

Picture: The Brand Collective 

We love local retailer, Woolworths, for engaging with their audience on social media. Woolies is great at responding to queries, engaging with consumers, and having an overall positive and fun presence across all their social media platforms. They create content that is relevant, interesting and relatable, so it’s no surprise that they are ranked third on South Africa’s list of top performing local brands on social media. Woolworths has a following of 712K people and counting. 


We believe in actively engaging and getting social with potential customers through your brand’s unique voice, and on your brand’s unique platforms. We know that how you communicate your message matters more than what you communicate. We create fun, interesting and meaningful posts that are informed by our carefully thought out social media strategy to ensure they aren’t missed among the backdrop of incessant social chatter. Are you looking for a social media marketing company in Durban that also offers graphic design services? Chat to the experienced team at The Brand Collective and find out how we can help you grow your following and create striking graphics for your social media posts. 

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