Top Marketing Resolutions for 2021

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It’s a new year – 2021 means fresh beginnings and a chance to hit the refresh button. Making New Year’s resolutions is a centuries-old tradition. Chances are you’ve already made personal goals and resolutions with your friends and family, but if you’re a business or marketing team, now is the perfect opportunity to set marketing goals to pave your way to a successful 2021! Here are our top 3 resolutions we think you should consider for your business in the new year. 


Identify What Worked and What Didn’t 

Look back on your strategies from 2020 and identify what was successful, and what was a flop. Perhaps there are certain aspects of your marketing strategy that could be reworked to work better. Be honest and realistic when setting new goals, and make sure you set short term as well as long term goals as a business.  

2021 Marketing Resolutions

Investigate New Social Media Platforms 

If you’re a brand who has only stuck to certain marketing platforms up until recently, now is a great time to start researching new avenues that could open a whole new audience and revenue stream for you. If you’re not on Twitter and LinkedIn, ask yourself why. If you are on these platforms, again, ask yourself why! Is existing as a brand on these platforms providing value? If you do have a presence on social media, make sure it is a presence you can be proud of. Commit, as a brand, to creating regular content for your followers that is worth reading and engaging with. Don’t just force a presence on social media because everyone else is doing it” and end up falling short and spoiling your image with a less-than-impressive social media presence.  

marketing resolutions for 2021

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Personalise Your Marketing Strategy 

This is an age-old marketing strategy that really works! Make a resolution to get to know your customers personally, even if it is just a case of learning and remembering their names. Go a step further and send them promotional offers on their birthdays. This creates brand loyalty but also makes you stand out as a friendly and caring brand. 


Invest in Your Employees  

Not only will your employees go the extra mile for you and your business, but happy employees tend to exude this positivity and carry it on to customer care. Happy employees set the tone for your entire business and brand. 


Give Back to Your Community 

Make a resolution to find ways your business can give back to your community. Not only will it fill you with a warm, fuzzy feeling and help you sleep better at night, but this is also a great marketing strategy. People connect better with brands and businesses who genuinely care about lending a helping hand to those who need it. It makes you humble and human. Brainstorm ways that you can use your talents and skills to help someone or an NPO who really is in need.  


The way your customers perceive you can make or break your company, which is why brand management should get plenty of focus in your brand strategy. Managing your brand can become a time-consuming task, but it is one that needs to be done to ensure you don’t miss out on potential leads or miss important (and reputation-damaging) complaints. However, brand management goes beyond this, it’s about building relationships with people and creating brand loyalty – whether it’s chatting with new people or maintaining relationships with existing customers. Contact the team at The Brand Collective to learn more about the marketing strategy and brand management services that we offer. 


What are your marketing resolutions for your business in 2021? We’d love to hear from you in the comments section below. 

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