We are a strong team of carefully selected, multidisciplinary individuals, who are committed to doing great things. Our passion for what we do goes beyond pretty pictures; it forms part of everything that we do and it translates in the quality of our work.  

Our space is open and supportive, always about learning and challenging ourselves to grow. We enjoy a good laugh, every now and then, and don’t believe in taking ourselves too seriously.

We all have specialties and talents in unique areas but are also all-rounders, who can fulfill multiple roles at once in order to get big projects done in record time. When it comes to our attitude, we never say the words, “well, that’s not my job.” We believe that teamwork and clear communication are essential for creating excellent work.

Sweeping things under the rug is never an option for us, we acknowledge when we’ve made mistakes but find solutions to them straight away. We believe in openness and accountability in all that we do.

Costumes are for Halloween

Openness and integrity are our key qualities. Even when we make mistakes, we own up, we fix them and we learn from them.

No fine print

Lining up with our commitment to transparency and accountability, we believe it’s important to say what we do and do what we say. This is why our clients trust us and have full confidence in us.

Learning crushes knowing

The marketing industry is never stagnant – it’s ever evolving along with new developments and new technology. We are passionate about learning new things and never have a know-it-all attitude.

Teamwork / 1+1 = 11

The old adage, “two heads are better than one” has never been truer. Teamwork is essential in order give brands the quality of work that they deserve. With many minds coming together, we are able to view things at different angles and brainstorm exciting and creative ideas.

Brand with heart and balance

We avoid the mundane, hamster-wheel life at all costs because we know how it crushes creativity. We care about the welfare of our employees and want to give them the balance and flexibility that they need to perform at their best.

Positive not negative

A positive attitude is non-negotiable. Why? Because we know how toxic a negative attitude can be in a work environment and how it can quickly spread. We focus on solutions rather than problems and this helps our creative minds become more open to numerous possibilities.

We used The Brand Collective to do our website and rebranding. They made the process so easy. Natalie met with us, got a feel for who we are and what we are about and then took over from there. This was really great because so many companies seem to want you to put your own content together. If I could do this, I wouldn’t be sourcing this out. On the rebranding side, they really put us on the map. They came up with a design that really has had an impact. They have also done all our vehicle signage and the feedback that we get from everyone is that it is classy and yet has an impact. I think that says it all.
Nicky Askew
T-rifik Painters

The Brand Ambassador


I work hard and always push myself to do better, never accepting defeat and always looking to grow. I am in control of my path and am a master of my own destiny. It is not up to anyone else to control this and I never blame others for the situation that I’m in. I am proudly an ambassador of The Brand Collective and am supportive of my colleagues, as they are of me. We are a unit, a culture. We are awesome!

The team


I’m a visual communicator / web developer from Durban who has a passion for creating meaningful designs that can be translated across various mediums. I believe that in design there is value in simplicity and that more can be accomplished with less. I’ve learnt so much while at The Brand Collective and I love my job here.


I am a creative Copywriter and Content Creator. I studied a BSocSci: Media and Marketing (Honours), Diploma in Copywriting (AAA School of Advertising) and a BA: Music and Drama Performance. I am passionate about writing, music, coffee, kind people, and my Cocker Spaniel, Salsa. I love extending my knowledge and learning new things. I have my level 1 Barista certificate and am currently learning Spanish on Duolingo 🙂 


I am a creative at heart and a writer by nature. I may have my head in the clouds but it’s a pretty great place to be! From blogs, editorials and web copy to social media and company profiles, whatever copy you can name, I can write it. I also work on SEO and I am constantly finding new ways to optimise websites (so that they appear at the top of Google’s search results page). I love what I do and the team that I work with, and I am extremely proud to work for The Brand Collective.


I am a strategist and concept & ideas creator. I am incredibly passionate about reigniting brands and reintroducing them to the market in a new and powerful way. With a Bcom Marketing Management degree, coupled with multiple UCT brand development and digital marketing courses, years of hands on marketing experience, this allows me to use my skills as Studio Manager to deliver on a sound and strong strategic foundation for our clients. I live for weekends spent outdoors – bush and berg holidays, a Nicholas Sparks novel, pizza and spinning classes (to counteract the pizza) and quality time spent with family and friends.