What does our copywriting service cover?

Any written work you need, our copywriting service covers it. From blogs and newsletters to social media copy and company profiles, our wordsmith wizard knows how to make your brand look good with the right writing style and tone.

There are many copywriting services in Durban, so why make use of ours? Well, to start, our copywriting involves more than whipping up a few sentences. The words that we use are very strategic.

How our copywriting service benefits your brand:

  • We optimise our copy to improve your SEO score (making your website more visible).
  • Through our strategy of storytelling, we get to the heart of what matters most to your clients or customers. This, in turn, increases your chance of turning curiosity into conversions.
  • We write copy that adds value to your customers life, by creating relevant and trending content. This not only keeps your brand top-of-mind, but also works to create brand loyalty.
  • We speak in a way that defines your brand and helps it stand apart from the competition. We create a unique style and tone, or writing personality for each company.

If you’ve done your research on copywriting services in Durban and like what we have to offer, then please send us a mail or call us to get more information.


Blogs are a highly effective yet an extremely underutilised tool in your marketing strategy.

Beyond informing people about the services that you provide, the products that you offer or the current happenings in your business, optimised blogs can be used to improve your website visibility (by helping it rise to the top of Google’s search results page) and using unique and well research keywords (placed strategically throughout each blog) they can connect you with the potential customers that you’re looking for.

Our copywriter, who creates read-worthy content, knows a thing or two about search engine optimisation (SEO), and uses this knowledge to create optimised blogs that drive quality traffic to your site.

Keep It Current

One blog won’t do the trick. In order to let those search engine robots know that your business is still alive and well, you need to be publishing monthly blogs on your website. The more often you post these blogs, the better your chances of rising above your competitor’s website ranking and being seen by more people.

Here’s a quick overview of what optimised blogs can do for your brand:

  • Build brand loyalty by adding value (in the form of useful information) to your customers’ lives.
  • Connect you with your target audience through well researched keywords.
  • Improve customer service by providing more in-depth answers to frequently asked questions.
  • Turn leads into conversions by helping customers make more informed decisions.
  • Manage your reputation by addressing and countering any negative publicity that you’ve received.
  • Showcase your brand’s unique personality and core values through director or employee interviews.

Want optimised blogs written in line with your brand’s unique style and tone? Get in touch with us, let us know how many blogs you want written per month and we’ll give you a quote.