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One of Durban's most creative social media marketing companies

Is your business using social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to advertise its products or services? Your business is not automatically set up for success just because it’s on various social sites. As one of the more established social media marketing companies in Durban, we conduct in-depth research and create comprehensive strategies to ensure your chosen social platform delivers the results you desire. 

Being on these platforms is a great first step, but your business needs to choose the right actions to take on each platform in order to aid in its growth. You also need to know which actions you should avoid to prevent damage to your brand’s reputation. That’s where our social media service comes in.

We research:

  • Which platforms work best for your brand.
  • What type of content your brand should be creating to bring in business.
  • What times you should be publishing content.
  • The audience you should be targeting and their unique needs.

This research is then brought together in the form of a social media strategy that is used to guide every social action. The effectiveness of the social strategy is then analysed and measured against the outcomes of each social action. This analysis is summed up in the form of a quarterly report to ensure complete transparency and to aid in accountability. This report also helps us assess the strategy we have created for you and decide if it needs to be altered along with the changing needs of your business.

We’re all about actively engaging and getting social with potential customers through your brand’s unique voice, and on your brand’s unique platforms. We know that how you communicate your message matters more than what you communicate. And so we create fun, interesting and meaningful posts that are informed by our carefully thought out social media strategy to ensure they aren’t missed among the backdrop of incessant social chatter. 

Are you looking for social media marketing companies in Durban that also offer graphic design services? We can help you create striking graphics for your social media posts.


We can create social media accounts for you and either size your existing logo according to each platform's requirements or we can create a new logo for you with our graphic design service.


We use special tools to schedule the publishing of your social media posts ahead of time. This ensures regular activity on your feed and ensures that you never miss a post.


We're all about being social and nurturing great relationships with your customers or potential customers. Quick responses are vital to maintaining a professional image and to managing your company's reputation.


We know how to get the best bang for your buck with our strategic social ads. We set up specialised campaigns to meet unique goals such as acquiring more page likes or attracting new leads.