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4 Ways to Grow Your Social Media Following This Spring

Image by Pixabay  

 It’s September, which means that the chilly, winter weather is almost over, and a beautiful, warm South African summer beckons – waiting for us just around the corner. Spring brings with it new beginnings, and so it is the perfect time to start spring-cleaning your social media marketing strategy. In the spirit of spring, we thought we would share some top tips to help you grow your brand awareness and social media following so that your Facebook and Instagram accounts can blossom into a beautiful, digital garden that reflects your brand. 

 Gardening tip #1: Fertilise. 

Image by eko pramono from Pixabay 

 Fertilise your social media presence to increase growth. This can be done by setting aside a small, monthly budget to spend on boosting posts. Decide what you can afford, then choose to boost posts that already have a good organic reach.  

Gardening tip #2: Water regularly.  

Photo by David Ballew on Unsplash 

 Engage with your followers and respond to every single comment. This is why people are following you – to have a one-on-one interaction with you or your brand! It also tells the algorithm that people are engaging with your post, which promotes more organic reach. According to recent algorithm research, comments should be responded to with four words or more, not just an array of cute emojis, so think about what you are going to say when you reply to comments and try responding with another question so that it prompts the person to engage further. 

 Gardening tip #3: Not too much direct sun.  

Photo by Pawel Czerwinski on Unsplash 

 Don’t be too self-promotional. Subtlety is key. Not everything is about you or your brand and how awesome you are. Try and generate some content that actually adds value to your followers’ lives. Think about giving away tips, quotes, or recipes that are in line with your brand and that will delight your followers and encourage more people to start following you.  

Gardening tip #4: Prune. 

Photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash 

 Keep your followers to following numbers at an ideal ratio of 2:10. An account in this range has proven they are worth a follow. We recommend going through your following list and pruning out the ones that are unnecessary by hitting “unfollow.” It’s also a great way to spring clean your social media and get rid of inactive accounts you may still be following.  

 We hope these tips will help your digital garden flourish and grow. If you need a professional “gardener,” then contact the experts at Durban digital marketing agency, The Brand Collective. They can help you increase your brand awareness on social media. Find out more about the social media marketing services they offer here.