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How a Social Media Marketing Agency Can Help You

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Social media has become one of the most vital digital marketing platforms in the world. It is no longer simply a platform for social networking, but an efficient and cost-effective digital marketing tool for advertising brands and products. Many people grew up in the digital age, and Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are apps they are very comfortable using. But if you find social media daunting and get lost when it comes to lingo such as “tweet,” “like,” “double tap,” or “DM me,” you are not alone. Countless people, particularly those born after the 1970s, struggle with it.  Social media is not going away, in fact, forecasters predict that it will only keep evolving, so before you get left behind, it may be worth finding a social media marketing company to help navigate this new space for your brand, so you don’t have to. Here’s how the right agency will assist you in the social media space. 


Figuring out which platforms you should be on 

It’s pointless being on every single social media platform just for the sake of trying to keep up with the trend. As a brand, it is better to choose a couple of platforms that best suit you in terms of the content you want to create, your target audience, and the personality of your brand. A social media marketing agency will assist you in doing audience research and finding out where your target audience is spending most of their time. That way, you can be present as a brand and connect with them on these platforms.  

Social Media Marketing Company

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Type of content  

Depending on your brand voice and brand personality, a social media marketing agency will do some research and see what your competitors are doing in the social space, what trends are current on social media, and what content is relevant to engage with your target audience organically. Your agency will want to maximise organic engagement which will, in turn, help with overall reach and post impressions.  


When to post content 

Your social media marketing agency will use analytics tools to determine when the best day of the week and what the best time of day is to post your content. This will help gain more organic reach and create more engagement. It is pointless creating killer content that ends up getting lost in your audience’s newsfeed simply because you’ve posted it at a time when no one is online. 


Audience selection for targeted ads 

Another great way to leverage social media as a platform for your brand or business is to use paid advertising on Facebook or Instagram with targeted ads. This can be an intricate and complicated process, but your social media marketing agency will handle it all for you. They will conduct audience research, finding out who your audience is, what their hobbies are, TV shows they like to watch, and music they like to listen to. Why? Because once they have successfully categorised your audience members into certain hobbies, interests, and other behaviours, then they can streamline your audience and zoom in on who exactly you want to show your ads to, thus maximising your ad spend.  


Is your business using social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to advertise its products or services? Your business is not automatically set up for success just because it’s on various social sites. As a social media marketing company in Durban, we conduct in-depth research and create comprehensive strategies to ensure your chosen social platform delivers the results you desire. Contact the social media experts at The Brand Collective and allow us to manage the social media marketing for your brand or business so we can help you grow your following, reach more targeting audience members, and ultimately, grow your brand.