2021 Instagram algorithm changes

Get into the Rhythm with These 2021 Instagram Algorithm Changes

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Want to grow your ‘gram fam? Pretty pics and filters won’t cut it – you need to wisen up on 2021 Instagram algorithm changes.   

But what is an algorithm exactly? While it sounds pretty scary, an algorithm is simply a formula that the Instagram platform uses to determine what content to show to whom. Instagram updates this frequently to make sure that they stay relevant and give their users the best experience possible. 

So, how do these updates affect us as social marketers? Well, the algorithm determines what we should prioritise in our clients’ social strategy (what we choose to focus on to help grow our clients’ audiences) 

The latest Instagram algorithm updates tell us we need to focus on the following: 

Interest is Everything 

If users engage with certain type of content, the algorithm can use this information to determine user interest. Whatever content is most likely to appeal to users gets prioritised for all the top spots on the feed.  

What does this mean for your brand? 

You need to narrow your focus, clearly define who you are and what you do, and let this be clearly shown in the type of content you post and the hashtags you useConsistently posting the same type of content will help in a big way (which is why we plan out a month’s content in advance to ensure we work with purpose and that we’re not just posting randomly). 

Relationships Matter 

If users connect with you often, for instance message you, comment on your posts etc. then this tells the Instagram algorithm that you have a relationship with them, and they’re more likely to see the content that you post. 

What does this mean for your brand? 

As a brand, your time spent double tapping and commenting on your target audience’s posts makes a big difference and gives them more reason to engage with your brand, showing a great relationship.  

Pro Tip: You’d also be wise to make use of influencer collaborations or user generated content (tagging your select gram friends and businesses).  

Be Recent to Get Decent Engagement 

Recent posts are treated as more important and are ranked higher in newsfeedsInstagram don’t want to be serving outdated content to their users. 

What this means for your brand? 

As a brand, you need to find out when your target audience is online and make sure you’re posting and engaging at the time they are most active. 

There’s No Substitute for Consistency 

Consistency is key in the world of Instagram. Posting to IG frequently and at regular times, will show the algorithm that you’re alive and kicking and worthy of being seen! 

What does this mean for your brand? 

If you’re going to be a perfectionist and only post something brilliant once in a blue moon, you may as well forget using Instagram. Even if you post once or twice a week at a regular time, you’ll start noticing a gradual increase in followers. Being consistent helps users know when to expect or look out for your content. 

Queue in the New 

Instagram want you to use their new features so they can compete with the likes of Snapchat and Tik Tok. This means, they’ll be giving you a lot of visibility if you try out IG reels, filters etc.  

What does this mean for your brand? 

Don’t expect new growth using old, outdated methods. Embrace the new and factor this into your strategy, showing your clients you’re really staying on top of things. Just one or two stories or reels a week can help get you some great results! 

As you can see from the above 2021 Instagram algorithm changessuccess is not…well, uhm…insta-. As tech changes, you need to change tooYou can’t easily fool the algorithm and you have to show real, meaningful engagement and thoughtful content to grow – don’t be fooled by those companies who tell you that you can buy likes!  

If your brand or company needs to get into the algorithm rhythm, but you don’t have the time, The Brand Collective can offer you social media services, which are guided by trend research and a solid marketing knowledge base. Contact us for a quote. 

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