Brand Collective website

A fresh, new look!

For our 5th birthday we decided to spoil ourselves with a brand spanking new website. We’ve gone for a simple, elegant design and have improved the user experience with an easy-to-navigate interface!

The reason for our update was thanks to our Boss lady, Natalie, who felt it was the right time to refresh our own brand with a new look and feel.

Nats feels that our update allows us to curate new content, update existing content and make sure that everything is still relevant – but more importantly, engaging! It shows that we can evolve while still staying true to who we are. It also delves a little deeper into who WE are as a brand and company while creating a new and improved user experience at the same time.

Our website was proudly designed in house by our graphic designer , Jared, who believes a website  is one of the most powerful marketing tools. He loved the creative freedom he had to showcase our brand in a way he personally thought worked visually and functionally.

Jared’s advice to all businesses is If your website looks and feels outdated, is difficult to navigate, takes long to load, isn’t mobile-friendly or hasn’t evolved with your brand, then a website update will do you a world of wonders! It also helps you stay relevant in a world where change is constant.

Updating your brand’s website can have many benefits and create better opportunities, full of functions and features that enable your customers to better engage and communicate with you.

The benefits of updating your website are:

  • A better user experience and faster load times (which improve your SEO ranking).
  • Realign your website with your marketing goals.
  • More traffic from search engines.
  • Update your branding.
  • Create fresh content that is more engaging.
  • Gain an advantage against your competitors by keeping two steps ahead.

Want to put your business on the map with a brand-new site or improve the website design and development of your existing site? Give us a call or send us a mail  to explain your unique needs, so that we can give you an accurate quote.

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