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This month we sat down with one of Janet, our Graphic Designer, and asked her question after question after question. We managed to annoy her enough to the point where she hypothetically snatched the pen from our hands and wrote the blog for us. Thanks Janet!

So here it is, Janet’s graphic design tips, tricks and trends.

Janet: *clears throat in preparation.

I’ve got 99 designs and the client only likes one…

Does this feel way too real? Yes?

Then read on dear friend, read on.


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Understanding who you are designing for and what their interests are will help you choose a design that speaks to your target audience; a design that grabs their attention and delivers your message.


Look at other design work, research different styles and colour options. Don’t fall victim to doing the same type design all the time. Yes, hone in on a specific style that you as an artist are good at, but then expand on that. Try new things and push yourself.


I’m talking old school – pen to paper. Scamp out some rough sketches of your idea before turning to your computer. This helps you to visualise what your end product will look like, plus this gives you something to work towards.


  • Swatches are your best friend
  • Use your rulers
  • Always wear your seat belt


Minimal design ft. bold colour
  • Minimalistic design mixed with bright/bold pops of colour adds a new dimension to artwork.
Realism ft. flat design
  • Mixing realism and flat design creates a juxtaposition between two elements.
Free style doodles
  • Free style doodles create more authentic and real design, adding character and personality to a design.
Open compositions
  • Open compositions allow your artwork to be more than just what is on the page. The design is no longer framed and boxed in.
Asymmetrical layouts
  • These designs really help guide the eye through and around the artwork. They move away from grids and boxes and allow for the viewers eye to wonder through the design.


Us: *tears up with pride

Janet: It’s just a blog guys. Chill.

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