Why TBC Loved 2019: Highlights of the Year

While we’re wrapping up our marketing content for the year and looking forward to some much needed down time, we’re feeling a little sentimental and a little sad to say goodbye to such a wonderful year.
We’re not sure about you, but for us 2019 has been a truly memorable year. Despite it having many challenges – as there are in any business – we look back fondly on all we have learnt and achieved, as well as the special relationships that we’ve built with our clients.
To give you an idea of how the year panned out for us and why it was so special, we thought we’d share our team’s 2019 highlights of the year. After asking each member what their most memorable moments, projects or events were, they had the following to say…

Natalie Weeden (a.k.a. the boss lady – the one who does all the hard stuff like making sure we don’t set the office on fire and who keeps us plump…uhm we mean well fed)

“One highlight for me has been taking on the Homewood Brand – a dream client and a wonderful team to work with.
We have been fortunate to take on many new clients this year, including Homewood and Kreol Creations, from the Seychelles.
Our 5th birthday was another highlight and a great milestone for us, which we haven’t had a chance to celebrate yet! I am so excited to see what 2020 has in store for TBC and the devoted team.”

Janet Wilson (a.k.a. the office comedian – she keeps us thoroughly entertained with her zany humour and wicked dance moves)

“Kreol Creations has been a really cool client to work on – they are a cool brand and lovely people. The next one is the Kloof Project. It’s so lovely working with people who are so passionate about what they do. I have also loved working on SA Works Media, Pozza Planning and Development Consultants, Mihra Projects and ND Engineering.
Lastly, I have enjoyed many new opportunities this year, such as being more involved in photoshoots and directing.”

Jared Sewchurran (a.k.a. the thorn amongst flowers – he’s the only guy in the office and the nicest guy at that!)

“My highlight of the year was definitely redesigning The Brand Collective website. I felt like our old site really needed a facelift and I’m glad that I got the chance to make that happen.”

Samantha Anderson (a.k.a. the professional day dreamer – you may need to give her a little prod or two to get her attention and to get her to join planet earth)

“Being new to the team, my highlight was getting the chance to work with so many exciting brands, like Homewood and Labels 4 School. I have also loved attending social media workshops and improving my SEO knowledge with the courses that Nats has sent me on.
Also, I can’t leave out the team – getting the chance to work with so many talented and professional individuals has been one of the biggest highlights for me.”

Nicole Bowran (a.k.a. the human machine – because she’s so awesome at what she does and never misses a beat!)

“Starting at TBC has been my highlight of the year! The clients, team members and office environment motivate me to do my best while being able to grow and learn at the same time. The variety of clients challenges me creatively, in a good way, to think out of the box and create content that is unique.
Also, Janet’s jokes and her sister’s baked treats are a bonus.”

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