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Behind The Brand: Natalie Weeden

Celebrating Our Heritage

September is Heritage month, it’s also the last month that we’ll be 4 because we officially turn 5 years next month. So, to celebrate both these significant days of the year, we thought we’d sit down with our Creative Director and Owner, Natalie Weeden, to help us tell the story of our heritage.

What started as a one-woman consulting agency has now grown into a fully-fledged agency, and the rest of us are stoked we get to be a part of.


You’ve worked for a couple of companies in your lifetime, what made you decide to start your own thing, and how easy was it?


I actually always knew I ultimately wanted my own company. This was mainly due to the fact that I wanted to create my own work life balance. I don’t believe that work should ever occupy the majority of your life. I do believe that you should love what you do and balance family as well. My very first job was in a huge company, in the marketing department, and I hated feeling like I was just a number.

Taking the leap was a hard but exciting time. I was incredibly lucky to have so much support and encouragement – it doesn’t happen overnight and there were times I considered packing it in, but my husband and family encouraged me to keep going.


What are some notable moments in your career?


There are no major events. I think when I started The Brand Collective… I am my biggest critic so every time I get a testimonial from a customer that expresses gratitude for what we have done and praises our work and the impact we have had on their business, that makes me really happy.


The Brand Collective manage several brands, how do you stay on top of it?


With an amazing team behind me and setting expectations. And LISTS – so many LISTS!


What sets The Brand Collective apart?


Open lines of communication and team work. We don’t work in silos – everybody is involved in most projects and have direct lines of comms with our clients. This means our clients are benefiting from a team of very different individuals and therefore different approaches. Each team member has an understanding of every brand. From a personal side, I really enjoy creating relationships with my clients and getting to know them and so they become so much more than just customers to me. We have so many clients that have said we are more a part of their teams and family rather than consultants.


Do you see the importance of storytelling for brands and why?


Absolutely. Every brand has a unique story and being able to unpack that and then communicate it clearly is what sets each brand apart from its competitors. Our stories are what resonate with our customers and making them feel a part of that story is so important.



Her vision for The Brand Collective is simple:

“Be the agency and team people LOVE to work with. Build a Team that loves to work together.”


Quick tip for young entrepreneurs:

Take the risk but don’t under estimate the value of EXPERIENCE before you go out on your own. Always build relationships – they are what will pull you through the tough times!




There’s a lot more to Nats and us, but we’re trying to stay as close to that 300 words word limit as possible (you know how it is). But don’t sweat, you can get ahold of us via the Contact Us section on our website. We look forward to hearing from you!

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