12 Things That Have Inspired The Brand Collective This Year

It is amazing to think that a single book, thought, or action has the power to change the world, and while sources of inspiration can sometimes feel scarce, we at The Brand Collective strive to experience a moment of inspiration each and every day.  Over the course of the year, we have created a list of 12 things that blossomed into our own sources of inspiration during 2018.


  1. VISI magazineWe are continuously researching market changes and trends to ensure that every aspect of the work we do reflects the creativity and beauty that our clients and followers appreciate. With stunning visuals and breath-taking splashes of colour, the pages of VISI magazine have never failed to inspire us. Flicking through the glossy pages provides us with the design inspiration to wow our clients the way that VISI wows us. We are 110% invested in creating eye-catching, head-turning designs for our clients.
  2. Sunny weatherThe golden rays of sunshine that stream into the office fills us with a sense of vitality and purpose. Wearing our summer dresses in a sunlit space empowers and inspires some of our best work. When Mother Nature has a broody day and fills the sky with clouds, we create our own sunshine and appreciate the golden days even more.
  3. PinterestWhile Pinterest is usually regarded as an out of office source of creative inspiration, the beautiful boards and imaginative designs often flood our desktop screens, and it has been integral in our 2018 inspiration for brand identities and other marketing endeavours. We love exploring the pages of Pinterest – an artful hub of creativity and inspiration.
  4. Coffee and teaEvery morning, the scent of ground coffee pods wafts through The Brand Collective office, gently stirring our minds and tempting our creative, productive senses. Janet is our resident tea drinker and she has shown that it is another delicious creative fuel that inspires her incredible design work. We set the day in motion with a warm mug of java resting in our hands and firmly believe that a cup a day keeps the procrastination at bay, so we make sure that we have at least two!
  5. Teamwork and honestyTwo of the biggest sources of our inspiration are seated across the room from us, ready to lend their support and devote their time to ensure that our small team of three never feels overwhelmed or alone. This powerful notion of teamwork has taken us from strength to strength, piloting The Brand Collective to the success it enjoys today. Honesty is fundamental in our team, and the channel of communication is always open in our office.
  6. Comfortable environmentsOur office is a space that inspires a positive work ethic and we feel excited to walk through the doors every morning, where overflowing pot plants greet us, and unique work areas mirror the quirky personalities that inhabit each desk. Our individualism is celebrated, and the pressure to tone down our personalities has never existed. In the TBC office, we have full license to be 100% ourselves.
  7. Hardworking womenWhen strong women band together, they create magic and challenge the status quo in ways that inspire and excite us. We have always drawn inspiration and empowerment from women who brazenly display the many ways that we can be strong and impactful in this world.
  8. GreeneryWithout our jungle of plants in the office, life would feel very dull. Leaves in dizzying shades of green sprout from every corner of the office and the pot plants dotted around our desks are as much a part of the furniture as the desks themselves! We find our flourishing floral friends to be essential and inspirational.
  9. Influential peopleWhen our journey down the path of life becomes murky, influential people are the maps that make the passage clear again. Looking up to and leaning on the knowledge and experience of others has been a valuable tool in our 2018 kit box. Yvette Hess was one of our inspirational women this year and we have marvelled at her art and advocacy for mental health.
  10. Our clientsWe love our clients, the work they do and the values they embody. With such a wide range of clients, we have been exposed to different industries and business mentalities that have intrigued and inspired us throughout the year. One of the best parts of our careers is that we are constantly given opportunities to learn.
  11. OneDayOnly DealsWhat better way to inspire us to hustle hard than OneDayOnly deals?! Not to mention their HILARIOUS emails! We love drawing inspiration from brands that share our appreciation for clever marketing campaigns.
  12. Other marketing companies that prioritise the human experience 

    In many of the marketing trends that we have researched this year, we have noticed that the importance of prioritising the human experience is a reoccurring theme. We value relationships – both creating and fostering them – and we hope that other marketing agencies share this sentiment. When we stumble across agencies with an ethos that reflects this philosophy, we feel a sense of comradery and inspiration founded on the shared mission to create a memorable human experience.


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