Part 3: Why User Generated Content is Important for Brands

We’ve explained the concept of user-generated content and explored its potential for captivating a Millennial audience – now it’s time to discuss why it is vital for brand survival.


Authentically connect with customers

Launching content that tempts interaction is the best way to boost brand affinity and encourage engagement. Audience research is essential, and will reveal what makes your audience tick – we use this as the starting point for all copy and design, always asking ourselves: why should people care? So, what?


When fans tell a brand’s story, it paints a positive brand image that is considered more authentic and trustworthy than internal campaigning. 68% of social media users aged between 18 and 24 will surf social sites before they make a purchasing decision, and the online platforms that are overflowing with rave reviews and genuine customer contributions will stand out from the rest and enthral their audience.


UGC creates an exciting and memorable customer experience, and when the initial buying experience is memorable, future purchasing decisions will come naturally and direct customers right back to you.


Drive sales with UGC

Although UGC doesn’t directly translate into increased sales, companies can take advantage of the great content to strengthen the trust between the consumer and brand and, often, increased sales are a positive by-product of this relationship. Trust and authenticity are top priorities for both the company and their customers, so long-term survival depends on creating a brand image that people want to invest and engage in.


Why a consistent message is important for brands

The value of UGC extends beyond individual marketing campaigns – it sends a consistent, positive brand message at every step of the customer’s journey. This will motivate engagement, encourage higher conversions and amplify the performance of ads.


Peter Cassidy, Co-Founder of Stackla, an Australian User-Generated Content Platform, summed up the importance of UGC in a way that resonates with us: “The exponential growth of social sharing has presented marketers with an unprecedented opportunity: access to a giant footprint of compelling, visual customer stories which brands can use to make their marketing more genuine, personal and relatable.” The current marketing trend is guiding companies towards creating compelling customer experiences and we keep this mind when compiling strategies, putting the customer front and centre.


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About those Millennials… why is UGC so important to them?


This three-part series has highlighted the importance of this customer-centric movement, and now it is time to make a decision about your own brand. Get in touch with us if you think we can help integrate your brand into the world of user-generated content.

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