Part 2: Why User Generated Content is Important in the Millennial era

‘Millennials’ is not just a nickname given to people born between 1980 and 2000. They make up a large part of our world and are even more important to think about when considering marketing strategies.


Our previous blog revealed the importance of user-generated content in a modern marketing context, and we want to further elaborate on why UGC cannot be overlooked or undermined with the enormous millennial audience that exists online.


UGC and the era of Millennials

Research conducted by Pew shows that 54% of adult internet users regularly create and share photos and videos and, according to Statista, photos are the most common form of UGC created by Millennials. The focus on Millennials is not random – this generation makes up a huge majority of the world’s population and is the most active online. So, while a picture is worth a thousand words, in this day and age, it also needs to be worth a thousand likes.


Many Millennials have grown up in a world inundated with advertising gimmicks, and the raging media blizzard has desensitized them to traditional advertising strategies. Products and services are constantly shoved in their faces, usually five inches away on their cell phone screens, and these can be swiped away with a flick of a finger. An Entrepreneur article aptly explains that “Manufactured content is against the DNA of what young millennial fans are craving today”. Therefore, in order to earn their trust and grab their attention, it is important to engage this audience with innovative and authentic content that will have a genuine, meaningful impact on them.


Marketing to Millennials

Millennials are pioneers of technological innovation and reaching our target audience requires creative strategizing. As Millennials are visual communicators, we incorporate the most visually enticing elements into our marketing. 86% of Millennials say that UGC is a reliable indicator of the quality of a brand, so instead of bombarding them with meaningless marketing buzzwords and polished campaigns, we engage them in the brand’s story so they know that their interest, and not just their money, is valued.


Some tips on how to create content that Millennials love to share and engage with

Millennials are information-hungry, with novelty-seeking minds that scour the web for the latest inspired craze. Here is how we can give them what they want so that they are motivated to give us what we want:


  •  AMAZING visuals. Nothing stops a scroll in its tracks like an awesome 3D image, or an interactive panorama. Beautiful imagery is not something brands should be compromising on.
  • A message that speaks to them: what is occupying their thoughts? What trends are driving their purchasing habits? Does the latest lingo fit into your brand’s tone? (Because if your content is not on fleek, then sorry not sorry).
  • Content that focuses less on the product and more on the meaning – how can your brand change their life in a significant way?


We know what makes this dynamic, diverse, online audience tick. In fact, we even have two in our office! If you can’t beat them retweet them, right? Get in touch if your brand needs content marketing that suits you and your audience’s wants and needs.

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