The Benefits of Good Professional Graphic Design

By Haylee Browne 

It may surprise you to know that today there are still entrepreneurs and business owners who will not invest in Professional Graphic Design. The reason for this tends to vary across generations, with a handful of Boomers dismissing the value of good Professional Graphic Design, while select millennials believe the clever use of free Apps removes the need for Professional Graphic Design in the business space, the online and physical world is flooded with unbalanced, busy design.  


So How Can Professional Graphic Design Benefit Your Business? 

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1.Organically Increase Your Company’s Visibility Both on and Offline

The average person is exposed to roughly 5000 ad’s every single day, only a fraction of those will be acknowledged or unconsciously internalised unless they are seen repeatedly. Good Professional Graphic Design helps your company get ahead of the curve and stay front of mind with the use of theoretical knowledge and accumulated experience.

2.Control How your Brand is Perceived

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While there are many factors that affect how your brand is perceived, your visual identity is often the first interaction a potential customer or client has with your company. Professional Graphic Design simultaneously takes everything you envision for your brand into consideration and aligns your brand image with industry standards while still differentiating you from the competition.

3.Increase Brand Recognition

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Professional Graphic Design creates a consolidated brand image that translates across all visual communication produced by your brand. This puts you ‘front of mind’ with both potential and existing clients.

4.Create a Strong Brand Voice

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If you had to describe your company using five descriptive words, what would they be? Would you say your company’s visual identity echoes these words? Good Professional Graphic Design needs to consider the font sets, size ratios, letter spacing, logo placement and so much more. When all these factors are put together and translated from your website through to your business cards first impressions are easily made and your company sends a very clear message. Can you confidently say that your Company has taken all these elements into consideration?


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