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Photo by Giorgio Trovato on Unsplash


On Tuesday, 16th November 2021, The Brand Collective took a step in the right direction and attended the Famous Brands Hall of Fame Supplier Awards in Johannesburg, South Africa. These awards recognised a wide range of categories, from Top Marketing Supplier of the Year to Top Packaging Supplier of the Year.

The Famous Brands Hall of Fame Awards

The Famous Brands Hall of Fame Awards is an annual event that recognises industry excellence and acknowledges companies that deliver quantifiable business results. The Brand Collective has an arm, and a leg, in the marketing world of Hospitality, and we could not have been prouder of the team for having been invited to these awards.

Since the start of 2021, TBC has onboarded a number of signature hospitality brands, from MYTHOS and Lupa, to Bellevue and The Pencil Club, and we are incredibly excited to see our portfolio grow in 2022.

Our work for each brand differs according to each company’s needs, but our days are filled with strategy, brand language, menu design, and just all-round quality content.

We are The Brand Collective

Our most recent big-brand projects include the design and print of a collection of labels for a selection of house wines and spirits, the design and print of seasonal menus, and the concept and design of digital board artwork. We’re currently working on truck advertising, pizza boxes, and drinking good coffee. We also have a few websites currently under construction, and we CANNOT wait for you to see them. Our day-to-day projects are also always underway – our social media, photography and videography, and copywriting services keep us on our toes.

In saying that, our dynamic team is using the Famous Brands Hall of Fame Awards as a benchmark, a challenge, and pure motivation to push the limits on what we do in our studio.

The TBC Mission

Our mission at TBC is to develop, innovate, and create.

We are developers – we develop your branding and establish your unique position within your market. We are innovators – we believe staying on top of the latest trends is exceptionally beneficial to you and your business reaching the goals you have set out. We are creators and storytellers – we tell stories and evoke emotion with words and great design. We are The Brand Collective – your partner in marketing.

This year was the Famous Brands Hall of Fame Awards, next year it’s the world! For now, it’s coffee. But let’s chat? We might have an idea for you that.changes.everything.

Give us a call on +27 81 215 2544 or drop us a mail (info@thebrandcollective.co.za ) to find out how we can develop, innovate, and create for you.