What You Need to Know About File Formats: TBC’s Cheat Sheet

Having worked in the digital industry for a good few years now, common file formats such as PNGs, JPGs, TIFFs, GIFs, AIs & PSDs and the ways in which to best use them are second nature to us. But we’ve come to realise that we often take our knowledge for granted and assume that our clients have the same understanding as us. Which, of course, is a little unfair seeing as we have tons of experience in working with advanced programmes such as Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator and have a good few degrees shared amongst our design team.

So, we thought we’d help those of you who’d like to wisen up with your online filing skills and who’d like to know a little more about the different types of file formats and their specific uses. We’ve drawn up a helpful cheat sheet for you so that you can understand why your graphic designer needs that logo from you in a PNG format and what your web designer is talking about when he or she refers to raster-based files. Check it out!

Common Types of File Formats


Types of File Formats

vectors, types of file formats

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