Creative Marketing With Unsplash

We have a small confession to make. As marketers we are mildly obsessed with the photographic skills of the contributors of Unsplash. The shots are just so breath taking and conceptual that we’ve basically started treating Unsplash like a photographic Pinterest. We have far too many boards and have hearted the smoke out of many, many, MANY pictures. What can we say, we’re suckers for great photography.

But while we don’t always use Unsplash at The Brand Collective, we are on there often enough to have noticed the trend of brands now adding their voice in the mix.

Most recently sponsored was Le Creuset, a brand widely loved. By creating beautifully styled and directed lifestyle shots that will definitely be used across many platforms by many brands and voices, Le Creuset have secured themselves some “free” marketing of their brand.


Another firm favourite is The Honest Company



Have you noticed any brands using Unsplash or other alternative platforms in creative ways to increase marketing?

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