Are hashtags still a thing

Are hashtags still a thing?

In a meeting with one of our clients recently, they asked the question: Are hashtags still a thing? And we’d like to answer by quoting the next generations leading poet and guiding light Billie Eilish

Hashtags were originally created for the Twittersphere to allow their users to easily search tweets that related to a certain hashtag. What started as a way to allow people to all engage in a group conversation online, has boomed into one of digital marketing’s most powerful tools. The creation of the hashtag meant that Twitter users could follow a trend that used a certain hashtag and see what their peers and the general public were saying. Then Instagram launched and the tagging trend saw a whole new world opened up. And since then, Facebook.

The incredible power that the hashtag holds comes in the very simple way that they can be created. This meant that it was made available for your everyday user that wanted to document their life and let people search all posts that related to their #FamilyFun time. Since it’s inception, the hashtag has been overused and comically abused for that very reason. But in digital marketing, when used properly, the hashtag holds a power that can either make or break your content. Here’s a few things to bear in mind when posting to social.


Use hashtags that are relevant to the brand and the content that is being posted. While your space for hashtags are limited in Twitter’s 140 characters, there is still room to sneak in a strategic hashtag that will help keep your tweets searchable. Instagram allows you to add up to 30 hashtags, but that doesn’t mean that you have to use all 30. Use hashtags that are going to help your reach increase organically from users sharing and engaging with your content.


Research hashtags to see what the current trending tags are. A quick google search will help you figure out what is best. Making hashtags is a great way for brands to increase organic growth, but that means you have to think carefully about what type of hashtag you need to create. Don’t choose hashtags that have millions of tags already (we’re looking at you #coffee), as your content will disappear into the ether. Find hashtags that are still widely used, but that aren’t overused. And when creating one for yourself or your brand, don’t go long. Concise and easy to type hashtags are key to getting your followers to follow suite.


Be a little creative with your hashtags and have some fun. As most people use hashtags ironically these days in an attempt to point out the ridiculousness of how much hashtags can be overused, so don’t be scared to engage in a little fun by adding a little hashtag here and there that will make your followers engage with your content. But remember the above and still keep it relevant to the post, and don’t overdo it. A joke once off is funny. But the same joke repeated every day is incredibly irritating.


Yes, hashtags are still a thing. And we as digital marketers and social users ourselves are glad about that. Now while you ponder on the points mentioned above, we’re going to go search all posts relating to #interiormilk on Instagram and drool over heavenly homes. Till next blog, take things easy and be #blessed.

*Yes, this blog was written while listening to Bad Guy by Billie Eilish? Duh.

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