The Essentials of an Amazing Website (That People Stay On)

Whilst marketing your brand has branched out to social platforms like Facebook and Instagram, your website still remains at the core. It is the most comprehensive online identity of your brand, so there are a few essentials to implement for an amazing, memorable website.


An Impactful Landing Page

It sounds cliché but if the saying is going to be true for anything, it’s the landing page of your website: first impressions are lasting impressions. An impactful landing page is an absolute essential for an amazing website and is where most visitors will decide if they want to explore your website further or leave it for another one. What needs to be clear here is what your website is about, what you do, and what the visitor can find after further exploring.


Fantastic Design That Resonates with the Target Audience

Attention spans are getting shorter so fantastic design is an absolute must for an amazing website. What’s going to make visitors’ eyes widen with delight? Great design makes for a positive user experience so make sure that, whoever your target audience is, the design resonates.


Proper SEO

A stand-out website is incomplete if it doesn’t actually stand out on page one of Google. Properly optimised content is an absolute essential if you want people to visit your website and browse your services or products and eventually make a purchasing decision. Therefore, make SEO a priority.


Compelling Content

Once your website is found through search engine optimisation, you want visitors to be hooked from the first word they read. Compelling content is vital for an impactful website that meets all the needs of your target audience. For more guidance on the importance of content marketing read our blog and if you need help creating great content then read this blog, too.

If Relevant, Examples of Work

If you provide a specific product or service, then showing visitors examples of what you are made of is a good way to help them make a decision on what to do next.



Call-to-actions (CTAs) are so, SO important. At the end of each section of your website, or dotted in between, invite the visitor to ‘get in touch’ or ‘read our blog’ so that they take more action on your website. The end goal will be an active website that hopefully converts its visitors.


Buttons. All the Buttons.

Unfortunately, you can’t hold the visitor’s finger and force it to press the next menu tab. Scatter buttons all over your website to help guide them through all its elements so they get a thorough taste of who you are and what you can do for them.


And Finally, An Amazing Website that is Mobile-Friendly

It is already estimated that as 2019 progresses, the number of mobile users will surpass the 5 billion mark. That means the majority of the world population owns a mobile phone and many of them use it to make purchasing decisions, too. Your website needs to look good on a bigger screen as well as the smaller ones so that it is accessible everywhere. A mobile-friendly website is vital.


Luckily, we have all the above down to a tee. We created 12 websites in 2018 alone and we aren’t stopping there! For an amazing website that ticks all the boxes, get in touch with us.

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