Leaning on the marketing giants for great marketing insight

We are walking in the footsteps of great marketing visionaries, learning invaluable lessons from those more experienced and carving our own path in this dynamic industry. The Seth Godins and Gary Vaynerchuks of the marketing world have so much to teach us, and technology drives change at lightning pace, so learning is an on-going and fluid process, with new opportunities around every corner. Our marketing journey has been a fast-paced and thrilling adventure so far, and this is the marketing insight we keep at the forefront of our minds as we explore, grow and excel in our wonderful organization.


marketing insight from john rampton Getting out of the rut thanks to John Rampton

John Rampton, CEO of Due and #2 on Top 50 Online Influencers, emphasizes the importance of embracing unique strategies on a regular basis – what has been tried and tested may be reliable, and you may enjoy them, but you are at risk of becoming monotonous with your content. “Online marketing, social media marketing tools, and audience references change faster than you realize”, says Rampton. We have grasped this marketing insight with both hands, re-evaluating our strategies every few months to ensure that our content is consistently fresh, and our audience is always on their toes, anticipating what exciting transformation will come next.


“Find new and exciting ways to stand out.” – Hiten Shahmarketing insight from hiten shah

Hiten Shah, founder of many very cool start-ups and current member of the Quicksprout team, has a very important piece of marketing insight: be different. It may sound straightforward but trying to keep up with the Michael Phelps of brands in the marketing swimming pool can leave you floundering. Create your own unique stroke by finding “uncommon ways of marketing yourself and your business,” Shah advises. It’s a noisy world, and your brand name needs resonate above the chatter– loud, clear and unique.


Finally, an increasingly important marketing insight: do you understand your target audience?

marketing insight from michael aagaard

Michael Lykke Aagaard, a marketing practitioner and theorist, notes the importance of understanding your target audience. This goes beyond knowing who they are and what they’re interested in – you need to go above and beyond to uncover what really makes them tick and strive for a level of understanding so familiar you could invite them over to your bar (okay, maybe not that far, but you get the picture).


Michael’s marketing insight act as a reminder that we are looking through a digital lens, influencing “real human behaviour and decision-making.” We do this by investing heavily in audience insights and, subsequently, our marketing is effective because it has a real, relatable impact.


We are devoted to implementing the right creative strategies that have an engaging and far-reaching impact. We also know the importance of content marketing that encompasses what we would like to achieve. If you would like us to do the same for you, get in touch via Facebook, Instagram or our website!

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