Why creative design is imperative for your brand and business

why good design is important for your businessIt may seem obvious, but a lot of people don’t realise that bad design is far more memorable than good design. We are here to remind you to be remembered for the right reasons and why good design is important.


Your brand needs to have a distinctive personality, one that shines through wherever it is seen, and fantastic design is at the forefront of this. There are a multitude of reasons why good design is important for you, your business, and your brand.


Good design cultivates trust

Whichever direction you want to steer your audience, whether it’s to convert them or encourage them to rely on you, it starts with what they see first. To gain trust in your consumer you need to draw them in, entice them, and make them believe that your brand is the one they should be investing in. If you are a luxury brand, all your design elements need to scream luxury – your approach to design needs to be in line with what your brand is all about.


Another reason why good design is important is so that you communicate your message effectively – you don’t want to be leading customers or potential buyers astray. Putting this into practice, we always start by creating fantastic design that communicates the right message.


Good design gives your brand visibilitywhy good design is important for your brand

In trying to make your brand more visible, consider these things:

  • Keep this question in mind: how are we going to stand out from the rest? Adequately put by Liz Alton from HubSpot: “It has to rise above the noise of all the other competing signals from advertisers and content producers.”
  • Catch the attention of the right people and then aim to keep their attention.
  • Cater to the type of audience you are targeting: design for a bathroom brand may vary to the design of a sports brand, for example.
  • There are different personalities attached to each brand, so the design needs to act accordingly.


The Brand Collective is home to such an incredibly wide variety of brands but we always keep the core principles of the brand front of mind and the creative process follows naturally.


Good design has the power to convert

Your clients’ main goal is to gain more customers – simple. This can be done through powerful copywriting or impressive sales numbers, but what is often underestimated is the psychological power of compelling design. We live in an age where the average attention span is now less than that of a goldfish, so naturally, our eyes will be drawn to the thing that looks the most striking. We will also be drawn to design or photographs that make us feel – happy, sad, encouraged, excited, and maybe a feeling of: “Yes, I feel like I should spend my money on this.” Impactful design has the power to take a carefully crafted pitch or concept and turn it into the driving force behind high conversions.


The Brand Collective places a huge amount of emphasis on eccentric design – the kind of design that can take your brand from good to great, that will set you out amongst the rest. Competition is high, so we want to make sure that your brand is the loudest amongst all the noise. If you are looking to take your name to the next level with extra creative flair, then get in touch with us!

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