Shining a light on three of SA’s most talented illustrators

Let’s face it, we can all kiiinda draw. But then there are those who can draw real good and become famous for it. The illustrators’ community in our country does not get the attention they deserve, so here are three of our favourite illustrators in South Africa.


Keith Vlahakis

Keith Vlahakis hails from Cape Town and is described as a one-man illustration studio and is “one perversely optimistic creative individual”. Keith’s style is dynamic and interesting, and we want his work on our walls! Ranging from lettering and hand-crafted typography to Digital Pop Art, we love the diversity and vibrancy in Keith’s work. Individuals like Keith who have so much to offer are the kinds of people our creative world is lucky to have.


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Thabiso Mbambo

Thabiso is incredible in her ability to portray a convergence of South African tradition and cultures with pop culture and global fashion trends. At the young age of 24, Thabiso’s illustration series of portraits ooze edginess whilst still embracing the image of a traditional South African to produce a new and versatile genre she dubs ‘African Pop Art.’ It is her ability to adapt to modern and ever-changing times, whilst staying true to her roots, that has impressed us.


thabiso mbambo illustrators in south africa thabiso mbambo south african illustratorthabiso mbambo south african illustrator


Maria Baumann

Maria takes us back to where creating art only required your talent and a paintbrush or pencil. She has been labelled an ‘old-fashioned illustrator’, working predominantly with watercolour and very little reliance on digital interference. Her mission is simple: “To create gestural marks that are joyful rather than perfect.” We love this because we strive to achieve the same thing at TBC, and perfection is only achieved if we know it has brought joy in one way or another. We also love that she is not shy with how much colour she uses and is inspired by the colourfulness of city life in Johannesburg. Her illustrations of animals have us smitten!

maria baumann illustrators in south africa maria baumann south african illustrator maria baumann south african illustrator


Just like illustration can make your brand stand out from the rest, we can do the same. Give us a shout if you are looking to give your brand that missing something!

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