marketing during coronovirus outbreak

The Importance of Digital Marketing During Difficult Times

The COVID-19 pandemic has bought the world to a standstill. Restaurants, shops and businesses have shut down resulting in people working from home or taking leave to self-isolate. Even during these hard times, it is important for businesses to continue their digital marketing and to communicate with their customers and to build new relationships with prospects. We have a few tips that may help you or your client’s digital marketing stay afloat during this time.

Chat to your clients

If you are managing brands, reach out to your clients and ask how they are/will be affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. Ask if any announcements, updates or shop closures need to be posted on social platforms or websites. If you are marketing your own brand, how will you be running your business? Will the production, delivery, stock be affected? What do your clients/customers need to know? Make sure your customers and clients know your status and the most convenient and safe way they can reach you during this time. Brands should stay relevant to their audiences.

Cut budgets

If businesses know that their profits and income will be taking a knock, cut down on the marketing budget by a certain percentage.  Don’t get rid of the budget entirely. When thinking and planning for the long-term performance and prosperity of a business, keeping a marketing budget right now, even if it is cut by a certain amount, is more important than ever. As digital marketing is mostly online, there are many benefits it has for all different types of businesses.

Check content

Make sure that all the content for your clients is not offensive, irrelevant or at this time. Go over every piece of content that is being posted online for the next couple of months. Edit your content so that it is relevant, informative and helpful. Its also important that brands communicate with empathy and promote social distancing, cancelling plans and avoiding crowds during the pandemic.

Keep in touch

By keeping in touch with current customers, and by getting your brand in front of your target audience during this time, can make sure that your brand is right there when customers need you most. With social distancing in place, many customers will be online more frequently and engaging with your brand so make sure your there to answer any queries, questions or comments they may have. Be in touch with your online community so they can see you are always there for them.

Plan for the future

How will your brand bounce back after this is all over? Make sure you are still planning for the future for your brand and for your clients so that once businesses are up and running, you won’t be thrown into the deep end.

During this time, it’s important for your brand to use digital marketing as a platform to be as authentic, empathetic, and transparent as possible with your customers, to continue keeping the relationships you’ve already built and to cultivate the new ones that will grow as a result of how you manage your business and respond online. For any questions or advice on digital marketing for your brand, feel free to contact us and we will gladly assist you over the phone or email. Stay safe!

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