How to Build an Unforgettable Brand.

How to Build an Unforgettable Brand.

We all know how important it is to market our business in order to get business, well, most of us do. What some people don’t know, however, is that your business branding is one of the key factors to whether or not people will choose your company over your competitor’s.

Your branding is sometimes the first impression that you make on a potential client and so having a brand identity that reflects what you do is vital.Think about it. Would you be more inclined to consider the services of a person when handed an unprofessional business card with a logo that is distorted, blurred and hardly readable, over one that is clean and clear, well designed and tells you right away what’s on offer? Hopefully, your answer is no.

Brand Awareness.

Creating brand awareness for your company is your main priority when you own a business – small or large. Take Coca-Cola for example. Everyone knows who they are, and if they never advertised again, they would probably continue to monopolise sales. Yet they continue to spend millions on creative advertising campaigns, year after year. The great thing about Coca-Cola is that they are steadfast in their delivery, you can tell right off the bat when you are looking at a Coca-Cola advert because their logo is immediately recognisable and their message is always in line with their brand story.

Marketing is all about brand awareness – getting your business, and your message, out there consistently. By constantly reminding your target market, through a clear and concise message,  of who you are, what you do and why they should choose you, you are creating ongoing awareness of your brand.

Positioning Your Business in a Competitive Market.

Part of positioning your business to the correct market is being aware of the competition and what they are doing. In any industry there is always going to be competition, other businesses vying for the same market’s limited and therefore valuable attention. For this reason, businesses need to be smart about their branding and marketing strategy. How are you going to stand out from the hundreds, if not thousands of other companies in the same industry? How are you going to be better? Good branding is all about positioning your business in the market in such a way that you are unforgettable.

There are a few things to take into consideration when branding your business:


Know your business inside out: Be sure of who you, what you offer and what direction you want to take with your brand.

Know your target market: If you’ve been running your business for a while, chances are you know your market. If not, do some research and get to know your potential audience.

Draw on your passion: Any business owner should be passionate about what they do in order to achieve success.

Get socially active: Social Media is a fantastic tool for promoting your business. If you are not on social platforms, now is the time.

Get marketing help: The Brand Collective will help you set your goals and create your brand vision to place you on the right path. Get in contact with us to find out how.

Have a  good time: Your business should maintain a sense of fun. Stay professional, whilst keeping it interesting and exciting – it’s your passion after all right?



Over the next few months, we will expand on these ideas with tips and tricks to help you out. Keep an eye on our blog.


Next month, we look at a case study for one of our latest brand marketing strategies, which has been successfully rolled out for a new client.

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