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Brilliant, memorable, marketing campaigns are like a fine wine – carefully crafted by artists that understand your brand’s personality and your market. We are those artists. 

We take the time to understand your brand and we find the beauty, fun or wisdom that your brand wants to communicate.

We create captivating imagery and emotive words to draw your clients into your story.

We believe in mutual trust and transparency, that’s why we only suggest what we know will work for your brand.

Our turnkey service and personal relationship with you, means that your company image is always consistent, professional and precise.

Who We Are In Short

We work as a collective to bring our creative ideas together to build brands to reach their true potential.

We create captivating imagery and emotive words to draw your clients into your story. Our turn-key service and personal relationship with you, means that your company image is consistent, precise, and professional.

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"WOW, what can I say about the Brand Collective? They are an innovative company that always goes the extra mile, nothing is too big or too small for them… I would recommend them to anyone at the drop of a hat."

Leanne Dixon - Little Dreamers

"Over the last year and a half, it has been a pleasure working with you and your team. I have found the support and creative to be something mystical. I do not have a creative bone in my body so the work you do is magic. I absolutely love my logo and the concept for my blogs has been great too. I love the professional look of my Newsletter that you produce every quarter. I am a fan of Brand Collective's work and will always come back to you time and again for creative and marketing ideas with your company."

Melody - Indiza Charters

"CC&A Insurance Brokers have worked closely with Natalie and her team at The Brand Collective over the last 12 months – their dedication and commitment to research in our industry is remarkable, artwork produced is impeccable and always appropriate and delivered timeously. Newsletters, blogs, facebook page topics are professional yet personal, feedback received is always positive. What we like most about dealing with The Brand Collective is their willingness to assist and provide solutions to our requests be they media related, power point presentations for specific markets, copywright material etc etc – they are true professionals"

Gillian Lewis - CC&A Insurance Brokers

"The Brand Collective have brought us professionalism, creativity, reliability and efficiency all at a very affordable price. As one of Brand Collectives first customers they understand that we have an extremely busy business environment and we are completely rest assured that our digital marketing is being well looked after by Natalie and her Team, we are extremely proud of our Facebook Page and website. Fresh content is always being updated onto our website and Facebook is driven daily. Natalie and her team not only drive our product but also give content that is interesting; making you want to come back for more. Our monthly e-newsletters are designed and developed from scratch with very little input required from ourselves; we are proud to market our brand with The Brand Collective. Through Natalie our mailboxes and domains are being hosted in very competent and reliable hands and always only a phone call away for assistance. We have run numerous competitions very successfully with Natalie which has enabled us to grow our emailing database and number of Facebook fans I highly recommend The Brand Collective for all your digital marketing requirements."

Janine Marais - Richmond Group
We Are The Brand Collective

Natalie Weeden / Creative Director & Business Owner

Have you ever heard of the term boss lady? Well, we’re pretty sure it was coined after her. We’re sure you’ve met with her by now and probably agree with the above statement.


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First impressions are important

You have just one twentieth of a second to make an impression on your customer, you should probably make sure it’s a good one.

Good design creates trust

Studies have shown that when something such as a website or business card is designed well, a customer will be more likely to trust the brand.

Bad design = no one is going to read your content anyway

Good design improves the likelihood of a customer actually reading what you want to communicate.

Stand out from the crowd

Without a striking design, your brand will fade faster than a Taylor Swift relationship.

Keeps Readers Engaged

In this day and age, viewers prefer to watch a video or look at a picture than read a paragraph.

It’s the key to immortality – kind of

An excellent design is memorable and will ensure that your brand lives on in the minds of your customers.

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